About Us

Why TM Building Services

From design and planning, right through to adding the final Finishing Touches to your stylish new home, we keep your needs in mind, ensuring we create homes to suit all lifestyles. From the moment you reserve your new TM Builders Home, we do our very best to make the experience enjoyable and informative every step of the way, not just while you're buying, but after you've moved in too.

How We Work


See our pricing guide or call us to get a quote for your building plans


Measure the floor plan of your house and sketch it out with dimensions

Snap Sketch

Take a picture of your sketch with your smartphone or scan it into your computer

Snap House

Photograph your house using your smartphone, camera or tablet computer

Upload Files

Upload or email your files to us and tell us a bit about the project

Get Drawings

Wait approximately 7 days, we will draft your drawings and start work on your final plans!